Nikki (nadalia) wrote in meridies,


Since not much chatting seems to be going on here do you all have a different place you're chatting that I should check out?
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You know, it's been quiet on the TY here lately, pretty much, too.
What's a TY?
That would be the Tavern Yard, the Kingdom's listserv on Yahoo!groups.

Do join! We get very silly indeed, and the puns get thick on the ground, but I like it.
Awesome. Thanks. :)
What she said. All the good chatter happens in the yard. :-) It gets lively, it even gets "Off-topic," but it's almost never boring.
It's never 'off topic' until the Moderators say so...
That is an outstanding point!

Did you hear what Aleksei did at Court at May Tourney?

Go have a gander at my latest entry ...
Sounds fun. I joined up!
Yay! Look forward to seeing you there. :-) I'm jerusha.