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Owner of this Community?

I just got an e-mail saying I was just made owner of this LJ community.


Um...ok?   Perhaps it is old age setting in...but I don't recall setting up this community.  So who gave it to me?

-THL Asbrand of Norway
aka "Az"
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Most likely LJ proper. If a comm's members contact them about the listed owner/moderator being unavailable or inactive for many moons, LJ will now give ownership to whomever they first see as a responsible and contributing member of the comm.

Congratulations, Az. People in LJ Land think you're responsible and contributing!
LOL - okies then. :)

Aaaaactually, see this link. I was right but that's not likely why in this case.
Weird... I wonder why they chose me? I mean, sure, I was Kingdom Webminister for 8 years ago... ;-)