Avery W. Krouse (averypenguin) wrote in meridies,
Avery W. Krouse

Pray Tell, Who Are You?

Greetings all! I would love to find more of the livejournals of individuals that I know, but one of the problems discovered at the cross-section of the SCA and LJ is that I don't know who attaches to which username offline (and as I don't know hardly anybody's mundane name or details, finding folks I know through random clicking doesn't much work either).

I'd be willing to bet a lot of people would go "Oh! That's who that is!" if they were able to attach your offline persona to your LJ. So, pray tell, who are you and how would someone know you? Post in the comments!

I am Lord Tobias Morgan, Candle Pursuivant, Herald and Webminister of Vulpine Reach, Steward of the Company of St. Cecilia, protégé to Master Alexander Ravenscroft, and one of those really loud herald-y types you may have heard announce your name on a field.

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