Gwinna (gwinna) wrote in meridies,

Jewelers of Meridies

Greetings fellow Meridians!

After searching in vain for Meridians interested in Period Jewelry and Jewelry Making, I created the Meridian Jewelers Yahoo Group.

This group is for anyone who has an interest in jewelry, jewelry making, the lapidary arts and related fields. This is the place to discuss and ask questions about creating historical jewelry and beadwork of all kinds. The purpose of this group is to advance the art of historical jewelry making and understanding throughout the Kingdom of Meridies, including the documentation, technology and techniques involved.

I hope to see you there!
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Have you looked up Tomas that Lapidary? I am not sure he is Meridian but he used to go to a lot of Meridian events.
Looks like he's from Indiana, but thanks for the heads up, he's very talented! :)